a collaboration with Point Supreme


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The city of Kortrijk swings between the old and the new, the historical and the contemporary, searching for its identity today-An identity that reflects, more explicitly, the desires and needs of its inhabitants. Our project is located between the theater square in the historical center and the railway station, with its prospect of other horizons.

The main characteristic of our building, built in the second quarter of the 19th century, is its facade, classified as architectural heritage in 2009. Although this situation represents some constraints, it offers the opportunity to overcome them and makes this challenge the ground for an experimental urban laboratory.


By retaining the facade and connecting it to the new extension, we create a thread connecting time and light. As one climbs, they step away from the past and live a different experience through the contribution of light.

First, we have the narrow openings of the untouched facade and its traditional architecture. Consequently, we pass to green patios created by the withdrawal of the terraces. Finally, we reach the tower with its more generous openings and a sight that overhangs the town house, while both stay visually connected.

The design represents a delicate balance between contemporary living and preservation. The tower is a new volume added to the back of the building, and the existing facade of the town house acts as a semi-open filter towards the street, establishing a renewed relationship between the private and the urban context. Densification is made possible without tabula rasa.


project: basta

team: de baes + point supreme

location: kortrijk, Belgium

status: construction documentation

year: 2016

program: residential + restaurant