house eno


Located at the coast of Belgium, the ENO project is a residence, prepared to host a family of 10 people. Inspired by the family’s character while meeting their needs for frequent changes, a play of colours can be seen throughout the building- on the walls, the curtains, the vegetation etc.

190111 Facade e.jpg

In Ostend, the main purpose of the buildings on the coastal line is to provide the best possible view, by embracing the north facade and creating the “front” of the building, while the south side is neglected as the “back”. The northern side facade is developed such that it receives ambient light throughout the day, through large glass windows, while the southern side is designed to increase heat gain during the winter months.

bird photo.jpg

In contrast to conventional treatment of the north and south side, house ENO takes a more holistic approach, where equal attention is given to the internal part of the site, by cutting through the floors and creating courtyards. A substantial element of this condition is the new inner garden, which benefits ENO’s residents as well as their neighbors.

Moreover, these open spaces provide a gradation and transition between the exterior and interior, allowing the inhabitants to move along and between them easily.

190110 plans e-02.jpg

The carefully selected materials provide a vibrant canvas containing the colours of the sea, deliberately picked from the paintings of famous impressionist painter- James Ensor. White bricks, white tiles and light wood are combined with the vivid decorations and vegetation, creating the atmosphere of a warm and nurtured home.

190114 ENO ground floor e.jpg

project: house eno

team: de baes

location: ostend, belgium

status: construction documentation

year: 2018

program: residential