house SEO



Located in Wielsbeke, the SEO house remodels a villa dating back to the 70s, in a special site near the forest of the area.

Our main concern was to take into advantage the privileged position of this house, where the forest and the trees are essential. According to this principle, the existing roof was entirely removed, and was replaced by a triangular structure, hosting the master bedroom.

190107 horizontal plans e 6.jpg

This special triangular structure is made to exploit the different relations with the context, providing views in many different directions and creating various light conditions. This way the forest is displayed between the frames of the windows, connecting the nature with the inhabitants, whilst the trees create a game, filtering the light and the seasons.


project: house seo

team: de baes

location: wielsbeke, belgium

status: design development

year: 2015

program: residential