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Located in Wielsbeke, the SEO house remodels a villa dating back to the 70s, in a special site with a dense forest running parallel along one side.  


Our main motive was to take advantage of the privileged position of the house where the forest is an integral part of the design context. In order to inculcate nature as a part of both interior and the exterior, the existing roof was entirely removed, and was replaced by a triangular structure, hosting the master bedroom.

winner color-01.jpg

Triangles have a congenital ability to make a structure dynamic and insistent at the same time. This new triangular footprint is in contrast to its present surroundings- both the forest and the neighbourhood houses.

190107 horizontal plans e 6.jpg

This triangular structure is made to exploit its intangible relation with nature by providing views in different directions and creating a powerful play of light and shadow on the acute angled walls, throughout the day.

The forest is displayed between frames of the windows, connecting nature with the inhabitants, whilst the trees create a game, filtering the light and the seasons.

option7_interior SW FINAL .jpg

project: house seo

team: de baes

location: wielsbeke, belgium

status: design development

year: 2015

program: residential