house hcb



The client bought an anusual framework. The groundfloor serves as his office, the top floors he wanted to transform into a duplex appartment. It was only postmodern form, without content. Two architects allready made proposals before us. The client was not satisfied with any of them. He also liked recycling building elements. He assembled floors, a kitchen, doors, lights and plywood. He also likes polycarbonate. We started resolving the equation.

We moved the entrance of the offices to the side so the appartment could use the curtain wall bringing in lots of light. It also enabled entering the house in the center. It drastically reduced construction costs because we could use the existing atrium. The lines of the framework are used as a start for different zones, creating seperate atmospheres whilst keeping the open view. 

A new direction was introduced, coinciding with the dominant view towards the open landscape in the back. A wavy polycarbonate wall becomes the filter towards the street and a pivotal door serves both as a mirror and a way to disconnect the front and the back of the house.

190118 HCB section_3-01-01-01.jpg

project: House HCB

team: de baes 

location: Bellegem, Belgium

status: built

year: 2015

program: residential

all photographs © johnny umans