house sak



The client inherited the house of his parents. In thirty years, nothing had changed. The furniture, decoration, paintings and photographs, nothing reminded of the change of its occupant. A complete redevelopment was necessary to give the client a home for himself and his business. Located on a beautiful site surrounded by trees, the rejuvenation of the house started with a more intense relation with the outside.

To obtain this intensification between inside and outside, all unnecessary boundaries on the inside of the house were removed. This created visual axes between the office, living room and kitchen, finally extending to the surroundings. Every space contains a vertical landmark, a piece of furniture containing the library, the fireplace and the kitchen, appearing to be carved out of one single block of wood. This massiveness contrasts with and emphasizes the openness created by connecting the spaces. A glass sliding door and a curved curtain allow the user to modify the space in very different ways, responding to varying demands of function and intimacy. 

181126 plan patio_2.jpg
2018-05-05 18.20.26.jpg

project: House SAK

team: de baes

location: Kortrijk, Belgium

status: built

year: 2014

program: residential