La Cubanita


Kortrijk’s nightlife mainly takes place in the old city center. La Bodeguita Del Medio knew how to survive through the years, being one of the few bars in the neighborhood keeping a constant popularity. The extension, baptized La Cubanita, will help it to continue this momentum.

The latter is conceived as a box inside a box and turns a leftover space in the plot into a new part of the palimpsest, completely separated, physically and acoustically, from its surrounding.


A central staircase leads from the ground floor to the first floor through a circular opening in the ceiling and forms with the latter a big concrete monolith. The circular shape refers both to the community and gathering together, while its regularity contrasts with the irregularity of the existing building.  

On the upper floor, a series of plastic tubes form flexible walls, dispersing the light and nurturing different spatial configurations. They invite the visitor to self-define his space, giving the possibility to accommodate different groups, functions and needs, both in terms of space and privacy. 

170224 concept color plan (1).jpg
180515 CUB plans-01.png
180515 CUB plans-02.png

project: la cubanita

team: de baes 

location: kortrijk, Belgium

status: built

year: 2018

program: bar & event space

photography: johnny umans