house CRB


The CRB house, inspired by the Tange house, is a research project for a single-family unit, composed of a completely prefabricated, massive wooden structure, that can be assembled within days.

The new house is defined by a construction that makes the change of use of housing space possible. Movable walls or sliding doors can expand or reduce the size of each room according to the need of space.


The main challenge of the project was to design architecture that could also be easily dismantled after its use, giving the site back to its natural context. To achieve this the structure had to function individually and independent from the urban energy grid.

CRB model process 3.jpg

Additionally, house CRB has an atypical displacement of programs, where the living spaces are lifted on the top floor, inviting more light, while the rooms are situated one meter below ground level, in direct contact with the surrounding ground.  

By organizing all wet rooms on the top floor, the house can be taken apart without leaving any footprint behind, again with the goal to keep the site as intact as possible.

All these aspects were combined with the specific desires of the clients, like the special positioning of the Christmas tree, as an important element in their household.

both floors.jpg
181119 side view e 45.jpg

project: house crb

team: de baes

location: Beauvechain, belgium

status: design

year: 2017

program: residential