We feel inspired by the street life scenarios, and look for the versatility of public space and developments over time. Geographically we are especially interested in the interaction between the central and circumferential spaces of Europe, compared to the tendancies of the Asian megapoles. Lille, Brussels, Kiev, Beirut, Tokyo and Beijing are allready part of the series, and more are to come.

The Archipelago receives the Next LA Honor Award by the American Institute of Architects

The Archipelago, a proposal for 400 houses in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, was honored with a AIA National Emerging Architecture Award and an AIA Next LA Honor Award. The project was exhibited at the American Institute of Architects 2012 National Convention, DC, US.

Developed in collaboration with CO-LAB and PAR, our proposal for the Leeuwarden Kanaalzone provides a new framework for an urban geography where the best elements from both the natural landscape and project program create a unique condition for living on the water. The framework enables an organization of housing program that is flexible and varied, envisioning a district where history and future, density and openness, identity and diversity coexist. The resulting spatial experience fluctuates between variation and continuity while relating to the canalized way of life in the Fryslân region.

WALKSPACE exhibited in Bozar, Brussels

No building is as renowned as the Brussels courthouse. Built between 1866 and 1883 by Joseph Poelaert, it has emerged as an icon of Belgian architecture. This monumental symbol of the rule of law defines the skyline of the capital. However, it no longer meets safety and functionality requirements. Moreover, the role of justice in society has also changed. A strong vision is therefore needed to modernize and protect the courthouse.

To address these challenges, the international ideas competition Brussels Courthouse, Imagine the Future! has been launched, to study the future functions of the courthouse and the immediate vicinity. 

Our proposal addresses the integration and connectivity of the courthouse site in the urban fabric by adding a triangular slope connecting all existing justice buildings and the upper and lower part of the city. The proposal was exhibited in Bozar Brussels in the spring of 2011.

Read more about our proposal here.

First prize at Innovation Festival

Carol, our hybrid wooden structure, made to stimulate the versatile use and re-use of singular elements for the assembly of a flexible framework, got the first prize at the innovation festival.

IF… is a European innovation festival which takes place across six European cities: Barcelona, Milan, Kortrijk, Lisbon, Vilnius and Tallinn.

The mission of the festival is to celebrate innovation and creativity within the participating cities and to mobilize their citizens, youth, businesses, researchers and other regional players to broaden their minds and be part of a multiple events that will not only showcase excellence and innovativeness but also address important societal challenges such as boosting creativity, tackling climate change or decreasing mobility barriers in urban environment.