Our story


Collaboration stimulates unpredictable acts and encounters in a local and simultaneously global context. It creates the opportunity to move the identity of the architect out of the spotlight and focus on the project instead. By connecting varying elements in a project, we can transform the identity of a place.

Content and knowledge can be exchanged more intensely by constantly shifting team compositions and engagement with other fields. Working in a world where so many different cultures and ideas come together at unprecedented speeds, each with their own value system, has magnified our lens to a multiplicity of readings and interpretations.

In this sense, our role as architects varies from creators to process facilitators, and mediators of cultures and ideas. The future holds many interesting challenges to further develop methods to facilitate this exchange and intensify the dialogue. We envisage places of unlimited diversity, connectedness and relationships for this generation, from the heart of Europe.

As an office based in Brussels, we welcome talents from all over the world, with equal opportunities for everyone. Having worked with employees and interns from over 15 countries around the globe, we are always trying to foster a diverse and energetic atmosphere in our office.