Kortrijk Weide will be one of the biggest additions to the urban fabric of the city of Kortrijk in the last decades. An incredible opportunity. The site is on the edge of what once was the 19th century city, and is actually one of the last big open spaces left in what has developed into a dense urban fabric.

Because of the importance of public space in developing higher density urban cores, we want to create a public space attracting the highest number of inhabitants possible. To reach that goal, we propose a strategy where the elements of the park are composed by the desires of the people. Therefore we organize a poll demanding the local preferences. Depending on the number of votes each type of landscape or program gets, the pattern of the park will be adjusted so the reflect the preferences of the neighbourhood. 


project: weide

team: de baes, cnockaert & bassinet turquin paysage

location: kortrijk, belgium

status: competition

year: 2013