In the past century, the natural landscape along the Belgian coast has been transformed rapidly by widespread urbanisation. The Windsor project reintroduces dunes in this area where the city starts to evaporate and the urban tissue opens up. It announces the arrival of the Zwin, one of the biggest natural reserves along the Belgian coast.

The dunes are strengthened by their appearance in both section and plan. The materiality of the pavement is a continuation of the material present on the sidewalks around, erasing the boundary between public and private, providing pedestrian access to the storefronts on the ground floor. By organizing the recessed pavement lighting in an orthogonal pattern, the contrast between nature and urbanization is emphasized, creating an attractive area all year long.

2018-09-18 17.31.05 SW 2.jpg

project: landscaping & underground renovation Windsor RESIDENCE

team: de baes

location: knokke, belgium


year: 2016

program: public space