a collaboration with frontofficetokyo


The project is located in the neighborhood of Zizkov - an emerging cultural hub on the eastern edge of Prague. A telecommunication tower dominates the current site opening views to the nearby forest and the city’s panorama, giving extra inspiration for the new solution.

The outcome was also a highly structured tower, composed of a collection of three unique towers - ‘legs’, connected at the top of the building with a public space that also acts as a viewing platform of the city. The height reminds the community of the former structure of the site, a vertical landmark now open and accessible for all.

Hr sketch_bl.jpg

While the peak of the building is occupied by a variety of commercial functions, where natural light is less needed, the bottom levels include additional public and support spaces for the activities of the nearby park.

The residential units placed in the ‘legs’ are afforded extraordinary views of the city, both from the balconies and from their interior. The shape of the building reinforces this effect while ensuring that every home is comfortable with access to both sunlight and natural ventilation.

190117 ZIZKOV high rise.jpg

One of the primary ideas of the project was to create a connection between the new structure, the neighbouring forest-cemetery and the old Žižkov freight station, as heritage building that is surely going to gain importance over time. In order to accomplish this the landscape proposal spreads out into the context, creating a continuation of green spaces while connecting all sides of the diverse urban fabric.

The design is playful and diverse, inviting everyone to explore it by using the paths as a guide through the flowers and trees. Both visitors and residents can feel the entire area as a place to live and act, shaping a well-integrated community.

190130 Siteplans_color options.jpg

The underground parking for the development is accessible from the north and south of the property, ensuring convenience and protection of the public area from traffic.

The kindergarten sits in a clearing facing south, offering a safe place to play surrounded by greenery. Additionally, the closeness to the residential area offers children opportunities to learn from their community and take advantage of a big variety of public facilities.

190221 view legs sw.jpg

project: Zizkov

team: de baes + frontofficetokyo

location: prague, czech republic

status: competition

year: 2018

program: residential